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I’m pleased to note that this recommendation template doesn’t have enough pull-down options to describe accurately the ways in which I have worked with Frank Percival and experienced firsthand the positive impact he has on each project/job/campaign he undertakes.

From an overall project perspective, Frank knows how to identify and set goals, put together the tactics and plan needed to achieve those goals and then manage the process throughout to reach the ultimate objectives. As a member of a planning committee managed by Frank for a high-profile organization’s annual event, Frank set forth a vision that would raise more money, attract more people and celebrate the organizational accomplishments more than ever before. Even as the bar was set higher than it had ever been, he simplified each task before our committee and coordinated each piece in a way that was manageable for the team.

Frank has a unique combination of skills that allows him to build new relationships and then immediately bring out the best in each member of his team so people contribute in a way that enables them to be the most successful. He easily identifies the dynamics in a group of people with diverse backgrounds and creates an environment that is fun and engaging while also being productive. Frank gets things done. He treats people with respect and kindness and is still able to ensure people are accountable to the team and to the project.

Many people are organizational and task-oriented, others have charisma and people skills that guarantee they stand out in a crowd. Frank has both. For those reasons (and many others) I recommend Frank Percival without reservation as a leader or a team-member who will bring success to any project he endeavors.

Lisa Danielson,
Senior Project Manager, Gogerty Stark Marriott

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