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We know there are many places to find a home loan, yet not all home loans are equal. Since every home owner has a unique set of financial needs, LeaderOne provides a wide array of loan products and investment tools to help meet those needs. Most of all, we focus on providing the highest quality service and attention to detail that you should expect with your home loan provider.

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Our Client Testimonials

Testimonials stars

I have known Frank for close to ten years. He is personable, honest and sincere. I also know Frank through a non-profit that we are both associated with. Frank was a leader in this group and was instrumental in its success.

Gemma & Benjamin Peprah

Testimonials stars

I have known Frank for close to ten years. He is personable, honest and sincere. I also know Frank through a non-profit that we are both associated with. Frank was a leader in this group and was instrumental in its success.

Bob Blackburn

Testimonials stars

I’m pleased to note that this recommendation template doesn’t have enough pull-down options to describe accurately the ways in which I have worked with Frank Percival and experienced firsthand the positive impact he has on each project/job/campaign he undertakes.

From an overall project perspective, Frank knows how to identify and set goals, put together the tactics and plan needed to achieve those goals and then manage the process throughout to reach the ultimate objectives. As a member of a planning committee managed by Frank for a high-profile organization’s annual event, Frank set forth a vision that would raise more money, attract more people and celebrate the organizational accomplishments more than ever before. Even as the bar was set higher than it had ever been, he simplified each task before our committee and coordinated each piece in a way that was manageable for the team.

Frank has a unique combination of skills that allows him to build new relationships and then immediately bring out the best in each member of his team so people contribute in a way that enables them to be the most successful. He easily identifies the dynamics in a group of people with diverse backgrounds and creates an environment that is fun and engaging while also being productive. Frank gets things done. He treats people with respect and kindness and is still able to ensure people are accountable to the team and to the project.

Many people are organizational and task-oriented, others have charisma and people skills that guarantee they stand out in a crowd. Frank has both. For those reasons (and many others) I recommend Frank Percival without reservation as a leader or a team-member who will bring success to any project he endeavors.

Lisa Danielson,
Senior Project Manager, Gogerty Stark Marriott

Testimonials stars

If you ever have the opportunity to work with Frank Percival, don’t just accept the opportunity—rush to take it and leap in! Frank is a savvy, organized, thoughtful and creative professional. He has a nimble and creative mind blooming with great ideas. I had the joy of working with him to plan the 25th Anniversary of Leadership Tomorrow. Event planning and finanicng is a meticulate matter–and Frank had a key leadership role on the committee to make the function work. We had a tremendously successful event–and I had a lot of fun and made a new friend. I cannot recommend him to you more highly! Kathleen” June 1, 2011

Kathleen O’Connor,Founder and CEO, CodeBlueNow!
(worked directly with Frank at Leadership Tomorrow)

Testimonials stars

I had the distinct privilege of being on the Board with Frank while he was President of the Board for Lifelong. Frank successfully did this during a very tough year, and consistently worked well under pressure. Frank’s dedication to the organization and to the people he worked with showed at every interaction. I’d highly recommend Frank as a motivated leader at any organization he applies.

Matthew Browning, Board Member, Lifelong

Testimonials stars

Frank’s mastery of the mortgage business and high standards make the loan process quick and smooth. Although he is the client advocate, because his files are organized and the assets well matched with the borrower, his files move through underwriting efficiently. He is a leader in his community and supports several charitable organizations (including Lifelong as past President, board member). I consider him a mentor and a friend.

Rachel Phillips,
PMP, Account Manager, Underwriter

(worked directly for Frank at CentralBanc Mortgage Corporation)

Testimonials stars

I wish I could check every category. Frank Percival is a consummate professional who delivers on his promises, and then some. The clients I have referred to Frank always want to use him again.

Michael Cornel
Principal, Michael Cornell Real Estate Group

Testimonials stars

I have referred several clients to Frank and each one has been happy with his responsiveness and the depth of his knowledge. I trust him explicitly. He doesn’t over promise and he is willing to be flexible and creative in the products he offers my clients. I would not hesitate to give his name to a client, friend or family member.” May 20, 2010

Heather Lavin, Windermere Real Estate
(hired Frank as a Mortgage Lender in 2008)

Testimonials stars

Frank is a complete and utter delight to work with. He is optimistic, energetic, creative–and very well organized. He has high standards and high expectations and his energy and enthusiasm brings out the best in everyone who is around him. I recommend him to you most highly! Kathleen

Kathleen O’Connor
Publisher at

Testimonials stars

As a first-time homebuyer with little or no understanding of the housing market or financing, I was grateful to work with Frank Percival in securing a mortgage and getting into my first home. I went into the housing market with a lot of fear and resistance and Frank’s patience, deep knowledge and commitment to identifying what was the best fit for me in terms of financing and my long-term goals allowed me to make smarter decisions and then to feel confident about moving forward in the process. The housing market continues to be an intimidating thing to contemplate but almost four years later, Frank still takes time to answer questions for me, assess my current situation and continue to understand where I want to be in terms of my home investment. I recommend him without reservation for his knowledge, his professionalism, his patience and his commitment to ensuring a lasting positive client experience.

Lisa Danielson
Strategic Communications, Public Affairs Professional

Testimonials stars

Frank knows his business well and more, he can translate the ins-and-outs of “lender-language” into a language that I and my clients can understand. Every single client I’ve recommended to Frank for a refinance or home purchase loan has taken the time to call me and say thanks. That speaks volumes in our fast pace and harried world!

Lynn Robertson
Designated Broker at and Seattle Rental Management

Testimonials stars

I have worked with Frank on 3 occasions. Each experience was handled professionally from start to finish. Each step of the process was explained so as I knew the whole picture. I would work with Frank again Let Frank handle your mortgage needs.

Ronda Smith Grazen

Testimonials stars

I had the honor of working with Frank for 9 years. He was fiercely dedicated to every project, event and cause he was involved in. Working tirelessly to make sure every goal was achieved and every person involved felt valued and appreciated along the way. He is a true man of integrity and it was my absolute privilege to work him.

Velvet Cordes
Senior Mortgage Underwriter at Genworth Mortgage Insurance
May 23, 2019, Frank worked with Velvet in the same group

Testimonials stars

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Frank Percival on multiple occasions. He’s one of the hardest working people I know! His dedication to his work has been recognized by many! It’s been a pleasure getting to know him!

Amanda McDonnell
Regional Appraisal Management Specialist
May 23, 2019, Frank worked with Amanda in the same group

Testimonials stars

Frank was truly great to work with. I was mostly impressed with his honesty, integrity, and client first mindset. Frank made sure to answer all my questions, consulted me on the lending process and advised me to do what was best for me. Out of all the lenders I worked with I can honestly say he was the only one that was focused on making sure I received the best loan that was available to me. I love his client first big picture mindset. I would refer Frank if you are looking for a knowledgeable professional lender you can trust.

Thanks again Frank!

Eric Waterford

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